Scissors Holder Tutorials

Looking for a quick little project? Need a gift for a sewing friend? Need items to sell at your quilt show boutique? These two projects are just the thing.

First off, let me give credit where credit is due. These instructions were located on the website and were shared by Blogger Erika Mulvenna.

Mini Scissors Holder

Holds up to 5 inch scissors plus multiple other supplies as displayed in the photos. You have two options for instructions.

Large Scissors Holder

Holds larger shears, smaller scissors plus other sewing supplies as displayed in the photo. Again, you have two options for instructions.

Here’s a finished example by our member Cindy Faye.
And in case you need a little pixie power while sewing, here’s Tinker Bell to brighten your day.

Happy Sewing!

Panel One Block Wonders

©Janice Chesnik, 2018

(Buy seven identical panels, one for center, six for making hexagons.)

1. Stack 6 identical fabric panels and pin together.

2. Cut strips from stacked panels. (You decide how wide.)

3. Using 60-degree ruler, cut equilateral triangles from strips and set aside for making hexagons.

4. Arrange each hexagon to your liking, and sew 3 together. Then pin two identical sections of 3 together, and place around 7th panel which is pinned to your design wall.

5. When the entire quilt is to your liking, remove center pins and sew vertical strips from half-hexagons. Your first strip should be alongside the panel vertically, and this will be your yardstick for determining whether you will need to add to the center panel to make the hexagons fit it. Or you can place the top and bottom sections so that their points go barely over the panel so that all ·· four sections fit together as a unit.

6. From the border fabric and using the pattern included on the left side of the next page, cut enough top and bottom pieces to add to each strip. This will enable you to sew a straight line with no Y-seams. Make sure your pattern is adjusted for width to be a bit wider than the strip width, so after sewing you can trim the sides to be identical to the half-hexie strip’s width.

7. First stitch together one vertical half-row next to the panel on one side to determine the finished length of all the vertical strips, and where they will fit the panel. This will be your yardstick for fitting all the sections together with the panel.

8. Sew all half-rows together into strips.

9. Stitch strips together in sections (right side, left side, top, and bottom). You will have four sections.

10. At this point take the panel and all four sections off the design wall and move them to your cutting table for fitting together. Then lay the top and bottom sections into place so they join the side sections correctly.

11. Attach the center strip sections to the top and bottom of the panel by turning under the raw edges where they meet the panel. Press and pin those edges carefully to the panel. Then top stitch close to the edges, being sure it’s all laying very flat.

12. Attach both side sections.

13. Add the border strips to the sides.

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For help with cutting, check out Jackie O’Brien’s YouTube videos.